Our Collective Shift to the Cloud

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The shift to cloud computing has been going on for quite some. Without a doubt, the data from studies has been showing that cloud based solutions for both SMB and enterprise users have more than reached the tipping point, meaning that more than half of all users have now adopted at least one cloud service for regular use with plans for adoption of more in the future.

The reason for this shift is simple. The technology to host solutions in the cloud is evolved to the point where there are now multiple secure, scalable and cost-effective solutions to choose from including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace Cloud and OpSource Cloud Hosting. In all but the very largest worldwide enterprises, it is just not feasible to provide the same level of secure service with virtually unlimited, redundant, on-demand compute power, storage and bandwidth from an individual corporate data center. These service levels can only come through the economies of scale seen in large providers spreading these significant costs across many customers.

This is why Axiom Education chose to deliver the Mentor service via the cloud. We are committed to providing the most secure and available service possible at a price point that will allow all educational institutions to use our best-of-breed solutions. And as we continue to grow, we continue to deliver on that commitment by leveraging the best of what cloud hosting has to offer.

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