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Axiom’s faculty reporting software automatically combines multiple sources of data into a set of faculty activity reports (accreditation management software) that are available to faculty, chairs, and administrators and can be made available to institutional websites via the Mentor webservices API.

  • Scholarship – The heart of the system is a full bibliographic database of faculty publications, presentations and grants. Mentor supports the full range of publication types, from articles to conference proceedings. Each type has its own input and edit forms. Mentor supports multiple authors and when these authors are in the same institution, only one copy of the reference is necessary – the reference will appear in the reports of both authors. Mentor has special input fields for AACSB reporting categories (and a full set of AACSB intellectual contributions reports). The scholarship database supports input of abstracts and the uploading of full text documents, as well as links to online publications. The database is also fully indexed and searchable.
  • Teaching – Mentor has a full data import API to link into the client student registration system. With this data, Mentor can report course enrollments for each term. Faculty annotate each term with explanatory text about curricular innovations and special work with students.
  • Service – Mentor has the capacity to administratively track faculty service on standing committees. This data is managed by a “Mentor Administrator”. For service that is not centrally administered, there are forms for faculty to specify university, professional and community service.
  • Reports – With all (or just some) of the data listed above, Mentor produces a variety of reports: CV, annual report on the calendar or academic year, and a variable range report that pulls data from a specified date range. Chairs and Deans have direct access to these reports as well as summary reports in scholarship and teaching. The Scholarship search engine can find any entry in the database through an index of titles and keywords associated with each citation.
  • Integration with Reflective Portfolios – The Mentor Portfolio system allows faculty to create portfolios that include scholarship data from the bibliographic database, including links to full text, as well as specific course assignments and samples of student work from the Mentor Course Management System. No other academic data management system can provide this level of integration!


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