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The Mentor Internship Management System is a searchable database of internship sites with the ability to track student assignments to internships and student and supervisor internship evaluations.

Special features of our Internship Management System include:

  • Support for Multiple Internship Administrators – Internships may be managed in Mentor by a single administrator or by multiple schools and departments. Each internship administrator can enter and update their own internship records, assign students and create and assign evaluation surveys for both student interns and internship supervisors. Student access to these internships can be limited by student major or be searchable by all students.
  • Internship Sites – Mentor has an easy to use form to enter all the data you need to maintain on your internship sites: company/organization name, description, contact information, assignment of major codes and categories, location, pay rate (if any), etc. The internship administrator can also send a special URL to a prospective internship site and ask that they input the internship description and other related information. Internships can be activated and de-activated and can be flagged as “Filled” for a given semester.
  • Student Search Engine – Students have an easy to use search form to find internships in their major. The internship administrator can limit access to her own internships to just those students in particular majors. Alternatively, the internship administrator can make all active internships searchable by all students. From the student side, they just see those internship records returned on their searches that they are authorized to view. Each internship administrator can decide to display to the students either their own contact information or that of the internship site.
  • Tracking Students – Mentor provides an easy mechanism to assign students to internship records on a semester by semester basis, so that the administrator knows how many students are assigned to each site and overall, how many students are assigned in any given semester. Mentor provides both individual and group email tools for sending messages to student interns and to internship supervisors.
  • Internship Evaluation Surveys – Each internship administrator/office can create both a student intern evaluation survey and an internship supervisor survey. The administrator can then send a group email to all the student interns and intern supervisors requesting completion of their respective surveys. Each gets their own unique URL in the email that leads to the survey (without any further login). The student and the supervisor each complete their survey. Once completed, and after reviewing the results, the administrator can then post those results for the student intern to review. Survey results are easily exported to Excel or any other statistical program for data analysis purposes.
  • Internship Papers – The internship supervisor can request from the student interns a reflective paper or other documents at the end of the internship and prompt the student upload their report to their internship record. The Mentor Internships system is easy to use and easy to get started. With links into your institution’s student information system (Banner, Peoplesoft, Datatel, etc.) your students can access and search the site with ease.

Like all Axiom Education’s components, Internship Management system is a fully hosted SaaS solution.  We manage all backups, security (PCI Certified), data encryption and upgrades. Mentor IACUC integrates with popular client identity management systems (LDAP, CAS, Shibboleth).

We guarantee 99.95% uptime.

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